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Welcome to Matrix Mobile Applications.

Matrix offers a unique combination of deep technical expertise and creative thinking with a wealth of experience in developing mobile applications, web application development, PHP development and API integration.

Matrix Mobile Applications has three proprietary Mobile Apps: Advanced Silent ModeВ(Android) and In Case ofВEmergency (ICE) Application (Android andВiPhone). Advanced Silent ModeВ(available on Googleplay) for Android is a Call blocker & SMS blocker and allows certain contacts placed in a list to activate ringer on phone set on Silent.В

Advanced Silent Mode is useful for anyone who turns their mobile on Silent mode for any period of time who needs to have their mobile ring for certain contacts, or who does not wish to be disturbed by unknown Calls or SMS.

The situations which can give rise to an unexpected emergency are infinite ... In Case of Emergency (ICE) app is the most comprehensive Android and iPhone application for an unexpectedВemergency.